Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I just sold my Antiqued Gold Quill Necklace (look down two posts). I had just mentioned about my Etsy to a friend I went to drama school with last week when I saw her. Apparently, she went on and was taken with it. I'm glad she got it, it's one of my favorite pieces.
My "Puck" skirt is finished, though now I'm thinking of calling it the "Whimsical Woodland" tutu skirt. It took longer than I expected because I didn't like the drape of the skirt, so I went back and added more tulle and adjusted some things. Once I find a drawstring for it, I'm having a photo shoot. I'm torn bewteen using a ribbon and using something more rustic looking. I want it to have that lovely surrealistic quality, but I've worked hard to make it look random (much harder than it sounds!) with lots of bits and pieces, layers of scraps I painstakingly shredded. Some in darker bark colors, others in greens with even a bit of plum and extra white gossamer for depth. I'll just keep looking I suppose.

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  1. It was a lovely piece,so congrats on the sale cheers Marie