Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blog Carnival: Love

Is there any more an abstract concept in the entire world? The Greeks had, what? Six words for love to describe the different nuances, but the English language tries to confine it to one.
This installment of Blog Carnival for The Etsy Bloggers asks me to talk about love.
I love many things and people (though I've never experienced that great revelation of being truly and mutually in love with someone), but the things I love most are, like the word, abstract.
I love nature, music, and God, ideas, stories, making things with my hands, and watching the flowers burst out of the earth.
Sometimes I feel frustrated and lonely. Sometimes nothing has gone right in week, I'm cold, I can't find any inspiration, and I've had a marathon migraine. Those are moments when I become afraid that I'm forgetting how to love. But I always find a way out-- eventually. Sometimes it takes longer than I'd like.
I think that love is something we're all born with, but have to learn about as we get older. We all have the ability, it's the application that gets tricky.
When I see people in relationships they aren't full commited to, just for the sake of being with someone, I can't understand it. The same as when I see people majoring in accounting or chemistry just because they think it will pay well when they graduate, not because it's what want to do. If you aren't burning to do something, if love isn't your motivation, why do it? If you have the option to choose love, do it.
My parents think I'm a mad idealist, but I can be quite cynical when I want to be. It just doesn't seem like that's the way to plan my future. I want to be a writer and an artisan and even if I have to do other things along the way to stay off the streets, I will. Just so long as I'm doing the things that make me happy.

Dead Plants

All of my indoor herbs have perished within the last two months. My mint, my rosemary, my sage, my lavender, my lemon balm- all dead. My aloe is still thriving fortunately, I'll have to split it into another pot again soon.
Perhaps it is because they just weren't getting enough sunlight, perhaps I didn't trim them as much as I should. I have also found that the live herbs they sell in the produce section at the local grocery store always die within two weeks no matter what I do. I have no idea why this is. Oh well.
Currently I'm watching the snow and trying to get some readings done for my Tuesday class. I really miss summer. The building I live in is old and drafty and I've had the worst time digging out my car and getting to classes this past week. I'm ready for spring, I don't think I've ever missed it so much. On the local weather the meteorologist said that we have twice the average amount of snow for this time of year.
I'm already planning my 'Welcome Back Spring' party. It will have to be quite exuberance to make up for this winter.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowed In

The northeast has been pounded by snow over the past few weeks. Over the past twenty-four hours we got about another two feet. Earlier, while trying to dig out my car (and failing) I snapped a few quick photos with my cell phone.
Some very pretty snowy leaves in the sunlight. Holly plant I think? Can't be sure.

This is the photo I sent to my professor when I told them it wasn't likely I'd be at my afternoon class. The neighbor plowed our drive, but plowed everything into my car. After a half an hour digging I still couldn't get out, so I came back in the house and changed out of my soaked clothes. Then I lay in bed shivering for a few minutes. Some Earl Gray tea has helped the shivering subside.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Name That Scent

I've been playing with new fragrances lately- unfortunately I've yet to list them on Etsy due to some unforeseen camera trouble. The first is called "Summer Stroll"- it's a solid perfume with Lemongrass, Lavender, Sweet Orange, and Peppermint essential oils. It's all natural so it won't bother people with chemical sensitivities. I'll be creating a matching soap as well.
The second new scent is giving me a bit of trouble. It's comprised of Bergamot (which has a lovely rich citrus scent, but is a little darker than an orange or lemon), Anise, Cinnamon, and a hint of Vanilla. It's also an all natural essential oil scent. I'm having a terrible time coming up with a name for it.
The scent is spicy, exotic and very appealing. I think it's very sophisticated as well. I was thinking of something that referenced beverages- Earl Gray Tea is flavored with Bergamot, Absinthe has a licorice or Anise taste. I still haven't reached the right note in that respect. Suggestions welcome!
I've been making lip balms as well and forcing friends and family to test them (they don't mind getting free lip balm, actually). My latest creations are: Bergamot, Rosewood, and Honey Lavender. Currently my Winter NourishMint (Peppermint) balm is listed in my shop.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Changes

I've started listing some sugar scrubs and bath salts. I'll also be listing a fantastic bergamot lip balm this week. Mostly, I'm trying to build up some variety in my shop and create several items in the same or complementary scents. I just listed a "Love" soap to match my solid perfume scent of the same name.
Yesterday I put my first shop, Blackbird Crafts on vacation. I need to figure out a more cohesive design for that shop- a more unified took and style. If I reopen it.
Something else I want to try is some less literal, more artistic photography. Now that I have a decent camera, I want to play a bit. Not just pictures of the soap or the tin of perfume or tube of balm, but pictures that represent the atmosphere, the experience of the fragrance. We'll see.
I'm working on a new scent, I'm not sure what I'll be calling it yet.
Also, I've been working on a cream for my dry winter skin. It's a shea butter base with sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, oatmeal and lemon verbena. It's very nice, I may list some in my shop after I whip up some more.