Saturday, January 15, 2011

Name That Scent

I've been playing with new fragrances lately- unfortunately I've yet to list them on Etsy due to some unforeseen camera trouble. The first is called "Summer Stroll"- it's a solid perfume with Lemongrass, Lavender, Sweet Orange, and Peppermint essential oils. It's all natural so it won't bother people with chemical sensitivities. I'll be creating a matching soap as well.
The second new scent is giving me a bit of trouble. It's comprised of Bergamot (which has a lovely rich citrus scent, but is a little darker than an orange or lemon), Anise, Cinnamon, and a hint of Vanilla. It's also an all natural essential oil scent. I'm having a terrible time coming up with a name for it.
The scent is spicy, exotic and very appealing. I think it's very sophisticated as well. I was thinking of something that referenced beverages- Earl Gray Tea is flavored with Bergamot, Absinthe has a licorice or Anise taste. I still haven't reached the right note in that respect. Suggestions welcome!
I've been making lip balms as well and forcing friends and family to test them (they don't mind getting free lip balm, actually). My latest creations are: Bergamot, Rosewood, and Honey Lavender. Currently my Winter NourishMint (Peppermint) balm is listed in my shop.

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