Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Changes

I've started listing some sugar scrubs and bath salts. I'll also be listing a fantastic bergamot lip balm this week. Mostly, I'm trying to build up some variety in my shop and create several items in the same or complementary scents. I just listed a "Love" soap to match my solid perfume scent of the same name.
Yesterday I put my first shop, Blackbird Crafts on vacation. I need to figure out a more cohesive design for that shop- a more unified took and style. If I reopen it.
Something else I want to try is some less literal, more artistic photography. Now that I have a decent camera, I want to play a bit. Not just pictures of the soap or the tin of perfume or tube of balm, but pictures that represent the atmosphere, the experience of the fragrance. We'll see.
I'm working on a new scent, I'm not sure what I'll be calling it yet.
Also, I've been working on a cream for my dry winter skin. It's a shea butter base with sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, oatmeal and lemon verbena. It's very nice, I may list some in my shop after I whip up some more.

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