Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dead Plants

All of my indoor herbs have perished within the last two months. My mint, my rosemary, my sage, my lavender, my lemon balm- all dead. My aloe is still thriving fortunately, I'll have to split it into another pot again soon.
Perhaps it is because they just weren't getting enough sunlight, perhaps I didn't trim them as much as I should. I have also found that the live herbs they sell in the produce section at the local grocery store always die within two weeks no matter what I do. I have no idea why this is. Oh well.
Currently I'm watching the snow and trying to get some readings done for my Tuesday class. I really miss summer. The building I live in is old and drafty and I've had the worst time digging out my car and getting to classes this past week. I'm ready for spring, I don't think I've ever missed it so much. On the local weather the meteorologist said that we have twice the average amount of snow for this time of year.
I'm already planning my 'Welcome Back Spring' party. It will have to be quite exuberance to make up for this winter.

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