Saturday, December 18, 2010

Exciting new additions to my shop!

If you look to the right at my Morning Valley Soaps Etsy Mini, you'll see that I've added a new solid perfume as well as my first bath salts!

The new perfume fragrance is called "Love" (not very creative, but it's supposed to be a counterpoint to my scent "Lust"). The fragrance consists of juicy, tangy blood orange, with a sweet and creamy layer of vanilla, and a gentle hint of floral lavender. I adore it and have been wearing this scent myself.

My bath salts (pictured above) are from one of two recent batches. I recently made one Eucalyptus batch and one Tea Tree batch. The Eucalyptus are the ones I just listed. I've decided to pack them in some of the small cloth pouches I make that don't seem to be selling well on their own in my other shop. It seems like a great way to gift them to someone, even after the salts are gone, they'll have a reusable pouch.

I've also recently created a batch of lavender mint whipped sugar scrub with lemon verbena. It's so creamy and moisturizing on top of the obvious values of exfoliation it provides. The lavender and mint essential oils smell great and the lemon verbena herbal steep I used in it doesn't add much scent, but it very good for your skin. It also has shea butter and sweet almond oil in it, so it's quality all around. I just have to get some jars to put it in and it will be joining the menagerie of my shop as well.

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