Saturday, May 7, 2011

Summer Soaping

Sales have been slowly increasing in my shop for the past few months, but over the past two weeks they have exploded. Of course, exploded is a relative term, I'm sure it's all in a day's work for other Etsy sellers.
This reinforces my decision to not take an hourly waged job this summer but focus on my crafting and freelance writing. Of course, this also means alot more upkeep to my shop than I had been previously spending. More time each day making new items, photographing, organizing, storing, ordering supplies, working on my Etsy, etc.
All the promoting and creating new sorts of products and scents seems to be paying off. My choice to go with more masculine/unisex items is paying off. It's a good feeling.
I'm still working on getting into some farmers' markets this summer as well to sell live and connect with other artisans.
I also just had a request for a custom order last night. It will be the biggest order I've ever filled and will keep me quite busy. Even if I don't get any other sales next month, I'll have reached my sales goal with this order.
Off to make more aftershave!

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