Saturday, July 30, 2011

Expanding and Contracting

My sales have increased beyond my imaginings on my Etsy shop. Next month will be my shop's one year anniversary, so I'm trying to think of a way to celebrate.
My stock has changed considerably since I started out. I've been taking cues from my wonderful customers, what they seem to be buying, what items they buy together. Some have even sent me suggestions for what varieties they would like to see me introduce. I take inspiration from the brands of soap I see in the health food stores, new perfumes my friends are wearing, and from the scents that fill the world around me.
The moment I decided to combine two of my loves: literature and soap was a very good moment for me. Some of my most popular scents have been inspired by my favorite literary characters. That is an area I would like to expand in. Taking a cue from my lovely customers, I'm expanding my Sherlock Holmes inspired products. I've just added an Irene Adler soap and am working on a Moriarty at the moment. This winter I intend to offer a Holmes and Watson set of both colognes and soaps, as well as The Complete Sherlock Holmes which will include the fragrances and soaps for Holmes, Watson, Adler, and Moriarty.
I also need to invest in some new equipment. Earlier in the week I split of my glass bowls I use for perfumery. I submerged it in cool water too quickly and two clean halves emerged after I heard a pop. While getting rid of it, I slashed open my finger on the edge.
Eventually, I'd love to have my own distillation equipment, I could make my own essential oils and extracts. I'll have a coupon next month in honor of my anniversary and as a thank you for my loyal friends and customers!


  1. I am so very pleased that you have had great Etsy sales, well done, you have grown in every way, from those first early darkish photos to the wonderful things you create . Hard to believe it is a year. congrats, cheers Marie

  2. I still have a long way to go, but I have always appreciated your support and advice Marie. I can't wait to see where I am this time next year.