Monday, February 22, 2010

Busily Working

I have been working all weekend on new ideas. So far I have made a few more pouches, a new style of tote bag, and I have begun work on my first piece of apparel to sell. I've done costumes for plays and have mended and made various garments before, but this is the first thing I've made with the intention to sell. It's called the Puck Skirt, a fantastical tulled skirt for little girls of all ages with an adjustable waist and layers of fun woodland colored fabric. It is on the short side, so older girls would be advised to wear it with leggings or even over a pair of jeans for a festival, a costume party, or any time whimsy takes you. I hope to finish it tomorrow and have a friend model it so I can post pictures.
I have also recently aquired some red tulle, so I'm contemplating making a gothic version if this one goes well.
I've been burning some delicious incense, alternately lavender and honey vanilla to freshen up the stale indoor air. I hate not being able to have the windows open. In spite of the cold, I cracked one open for a few minutes today.

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  1. Your creations sound cool,my daughter used to burn incense,and I liked the smell of it. Fresh air is great in the winter time, a bit hard to have the windows open, make sure you get out every day,deep breaths to clear the stale winter air out of your lungs. cheers Marie