Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Taking Flight

Blackbird Crafts is becoming official.
I have been sewing and making things for years and have always favored handmade to machine made. Whenever I go to festivals I find myself truly admiring those that work with their hands and make things skillfully. I decided that that is what I want to do. Though I am still an apprentice in many ways, and will probably never make any money at it, I want to enjoy myself.
In a few weeks I will have my Etsy shop set up and then I will start scoping out venues to sell my products. Currently my main focus is bags, but I'm also dabbling in jewlery and soap making. The soap may eventually expand into lotions and lip balms as well, but all must be laboriously tested (usually on myself, though sometimes friends and family also voulnteer).
If anyone is reading this, thank you. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey into the world of microscopic bussiness and that you will feel free to suggest venues and projects and share your own ideas as well.

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