Saturday, February 20, 2010


I sold one of my felted rose pouches with cream ribbon ties today! A friend of a friend had heard I was making bags and asked to see some of them. The pouches are my favorite style to make. They are simple but classic and versatile; they can be used as a gift bag for jewlery and other small trinkets, change purses, belt pouches or wrist sachets for Renaissance Faires or Celtic Festivals.
As soon as I start making a semi-regular income from my crafts I will invest in a decent camera. Until then, I'm afraid the pictures won't be that great.


  1. Great to have a sale, it took me a while to start having sales, on Etsy I was not much of a photographer, but am getting real good at it now, I take all the photos on my site. Cheers Marie

  2. Thanks, I've given bags as presents, but this is the first one I sold, I'm very excited. Your photos all look very nice, my current camera doesn't have a working flash, so lighting pictures is difficult.

  3. Hi, My rainbow certainly looks lovely placed at a window, with the sunlight through it. Thanks for your kind words, cheers Marie