Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Listings

My friend is back, so I staged two mini photo shoots for my Knight in Shining Chainmaille Cuff and my Owl Eyes Pearl and Chainmaille Necklace. I think they look nice in my Etsy Mini. Later this week I'll shoot some of my new garments on friends and family I force into modeling- my brother modeled the chainmaille cuff.
I really hope sales pick up soon. I've had another offer for a swap, but I've mostly stopped buying jewelry (the main products of the other seller) in lieu of only wearing my own creations. I also need some more supplies, I'm trying to think of projects that will use up fabric I still have, I'm out of most of my soap and jewelry supplies now.
Well, hopefully the craft show for the fall will come together. I want to do one more market before the summer is out, my friend Amy and I will probably team up and share a table again.

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