Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Word About Historical Accuracy...

It's hard to find fabrics that are historically accurate or at least reasonably close that aren't incredibly high priced. Lately, the best I've found is actually in the "Home Decor" section. That is where I find the most natural fiber and classically printed fabric. The fashion section of the fabric store seems to to be mostly spandex, sequins, bold prints and poly blends.
I suppose I should also be more mindful taking down the serial numbers and the companies that create the fabrics I especially like, it's so hard to find them again once I've used them up. Unfortunately, I find myself in a difficult position with the fabric I made the Country Maid chemise and blouse out of- it was made from some fabric a friend gave me, so I have no idea of where or when she got it or who makes it. I'm starting to run low on it now, but I adore it. It has a beautiful texture and a nice natural color.
My quest to find more must now begin...

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