Monday, August 30, 2010

Blog Carnival: Kindergarten Memories

I remember I was incredibly excited to go to kindergarten and meet other children, I also was lucky enough to be in afternoon kindergarten so I didn't have to get up early. Being the youngest of my family my many many years and not having many kids my own age in my neighborhood or church made it shocking to suddenly be with so many. It's hard to pick one memory, so here are a couple that describe my overall experience starting school.
I loved it, but I also went a little crazy with all the new friends I was making. I remember I'd stuff my backpack with dolls and play at inappropriate times throughout the day, specifically with a girl named Kelsey. One day our teacher just had to take my backpack away and I was crushed.
For a while after we saw an cartoon about penguins one of my male friends and I would pretend we were penguins. Everyone had to call me "Snowflake" and I would walk with my legs together like a penguin. One day because of my weird penguin walk I fell and skinned my knee. I cried so hard it was ridiculous and then I stopped walking like that.
Since I grew up in a fairly rural area I also remember that we would go to local farms for orchard tours and nature walks- we also made butter one day by taking turns shaking a jar of buttermilk. I think we made green eggs and ham one day in class as well.

I start back to my college classes today, school is very different for me now.
This is my entry for Etsy Bloggers' Blog Carnival.

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