Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Slow... still

I sold a bar of my Hemingway soap last week, but that's it. Still slow.
The worst part is that due to various circumstances I couldn't even sell at the craft show this past weekend. The craft show I help set up, no less. It's a bit depressing, especially since I had to quit my part time job.
I love making things and I've been doing it for myself and my friends for so long, I just really hoped to take it to the next step and be able to make a decent portion of my living off of it eventually. It's been very difficult and after the holiday season I may take a little time off to work on other things, re-evalute what I make and how I market and see if I can or should come back.
At this point I'm not optomistic. I'm a bit exhausted. My sales aren't even equaling the cost of my materials.


  1. But your Hemingway soap is AWESOME! I just think you haven't given the shop enough time—doesn't it take something-like six months before you can expect to see the shop support itself?

    I can empathize, personally, with the desire to connect your passions, but "Hemingway" doesn't really describe the soap in the rich, romantic way that you're hoping (unless you plan on selling only to English majors, who are not known for having lots of disposable income). A lot of the more successful soap shops have bland, descriptive names; maybe you could "front-load" your ingredients/purpose in the description, and then add on "the Hemingway soap" or something. A lot of popular shops just call this sort of product their "man" bar. I know it sucks to pander down, but this is a huge marketplace and you have to be clear about what you're selling... Well, just my two cents.

    I was going to ask you to make me a special listing for two bars, but I won't have an opening in my "soap budget" for a week or two...

    Keep on trying! It's like the fish in old man and the sea, running a shop... ;)

  2. Thanks for your kind words, mainly I'm thinking of shutting down my first shop, CraftingBirds for a while, I've been running that one since February with little success.
    I think that shop especially needs a major rebranding.

  3. Found you too, Dorsbien/Frenchfabrics, I like the blog too, Julie