Friday, October 1, 2010

Things You Learn While....

....Trolling Etsy hoping to make a sale so you can pay your shop bills. I had a sale this month, but spent the money on supplies hoping I'd have another sale before the bill came due. Didn't happen. Now my PayPal account is almost empty and I have two bills to pay.

In my desperation, I took to wandering around the community and found two things of interest:

1. The Holiday Boot Camp Mascot has been selected as Lou the Monster:

And he terrifies me. Look into those wild and desperate eyes- eyes that imply weeks of nothing but nicotine and coffee. Eyes that could kill. I think he's supposed to represent Etsy sellers at the end of the holiday season, so probably pretty accurate. I already feel that way, but it's school related.

2. Etsy On Sale- a hack that lets you put certain sections of your shop a particular amount on sale for a designated period of time and sort of promote it. In my desperate Lou the Monster state, I have put all my apparel 15% off starting tonight at midnight through the weekend. Great costume pieces, already reasonably priced and now on sale!

A Bonus Third Lesson from one of my convos:

3. One of the fragrance suppliers I've been in contact with may be able to get me *Gun Powder Fragrance Oil*! Oh the manly bath and body possibilities! Actually stems from a request of my father's he likes to restore and shoot antique firearms.

So, an educational night overall.

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