Monday, October 11, 2010

Thoreau Would Probably Approve

My brother and his girlfriend where outside watching the lightening storm on the porch tonight, so I joined them. Gorgeous forked streaks of light were flooding the sky. There was so much electricity in the air, the neighbors' motion sensor light was tripped. While we were sitting there I said, "Thoreau would approve of this I think," we had shut off the tv and computers and were being entertained by nature. "Who's that?" my brother asked. Oh well.
We've been having so much rain lately that suddenly new tomatoes are sprouting from my plants and I fear they'll be killed by the rapidly approaching first frost. In one of my literature classes we've been reading a section of Walden and Thoreau describes watching his area in the woods flood, an eerily familiar sensation lately.
Say what you will about Thoreau (my dad already has), but he was right about one thing: we should take our cues from nature, not contrived social classes and customs. And we should simplify above all else. Everyone wants things to be more and more complicate- a phone that's also a music player/computer/planner/ereader- it's too much for me. (Maybe it will save a couple trees, but I could never use a Kindle or whatever, I like paper books.)
I made and listed new soap and some solid perfume today and then I went to practice at the archery range, not a very eventful day, but one of my few holidays from school, so I tried to enjoy it.

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