Saturday, April 10, 2010

A few words about Chain Maille...

I used to work at a Renaissance Faire, but had to give it up in leui of adult responsibilities. Still, I love the culture and styles and try to vistit at least one or two faires every year.
So lately I've been experimenting with a chain maille style jewelry. Several vendors at the faire sold jewelry that used the basic principal of interlocking llinks, ranging in their degree of similarity to actual armor. Many people I've spoken to like the idea and think it's very intruiging, but are hesitant to actually try and sport some of the very intricate, armor like pieces. The pieces I've been making are very light and usually consist of a single strand of links that have decorative layering spread throughout it with beads or pearls. (One such necklace is pictured a few posts down, the bracelets are very hard to photograph I've found.)
However, I've been looking at various link configurations and have been thinking of doing something a little more authentic. Though this might be cheating, I've been buying my links from an adorable old man I know who sells jewelry making supplies. I've been too busy to actually sit down and make a batch of links, to make sturdy, even ones, the method I've read usually encourages a hot process for the metal, which can be delicate and dangerous work.
So, I'm going to pick up some more links today. I'll record my progress here.


  1. Hi Sounds like a good plan, to buy supplies for your jewelery making is not cheating, you are not a blacksmith or miner that you need to make the links yourself or mine the ore. I am looking forward to them, I have never been to a Renaissance faire, I must go to one. cheers Marie

  2. You definitely should go to one. Of course, like anything each faire varies in degree of quality, family friendliness, etc., but it's almost always a wonderful time.