Monday, April 26, 2010

New Work Space

All of my materials, works-in-progress and finished goods have until recently been floating in the corner of my room in a bin. Very frustrating, my tulle was getting crushed.
Finally, I have expanded my work space into the library so I have more floor space to cut things out and an almost empty closet to hang finished items.
It is a great relief to me that I can spread out a bit and stretch my legs so to speak. Mostly, I'm doing some last minute inventory bulking (between the 72 other things I need to do over the next two weeks) and on the 8th I'll finally have time to hit the flea market. If the weather's bad, it'll be the 9th.


  1. Great stuff, always great to stretch out, I have my wool under a sheet in our lounge and I work on the lounge table. Did you sell the bag? cheers Marie

  2. Ah, sorry I've been off for a while. There has been some interest, but no purchase yet. I did find a similar corduroy skirt in disrepair (ink stain on crotch) that could use a little upcycle love, so I will possibly have another bag like it by the end of May even if this one does move out.