Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Home Decor

I've been working on a few fun projects lately. The first, pictured below is of a "Wind Catcher." It is a metal wreath with wire accents shaped like flowers and with a large collection of ribbons looped around it. The idea was that it could be hung on a porch or by an open window and will sway liberally according to the wind. I used the basic construction of the wire flowers on the wreath to create a band of flowers attached to a hemp cord, which would also be charming in a window.
A similar technique was used for making a present for my mom the other week. I used one length of 20 gauge wire and shaped it into the word "Love" with bead accents in the grooves of the letters. I think these will move well at the flea market. I can't go for a few weeks, I'm so busy with other things, but I've been liberally handing out business cards and attempting to find better photography methods in the meantime.

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