Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Chain Maille Pics

I have discovered that this style of jewelry is extremely hard to photograph effectively (even with my slightly better borrowed camera). Perhaps it's the high level of shine or the small details, but I snapped a bunch and only got a few usable pictures.Here they are:

A double layer front with green bead accents.

A single layer of links with four rust toned freshwater pearls.

A bracelet with mauve bead accents.

My "Mixing Metals" Necklace- a mesh of links bib in the front with a pearlescent pendant, and a fine silver chain for the body of the necklace.
I might post one or two on Etsy, but in a few weeks I want to take a bunch of things down to the flea market to enjoy the fine weather and the spring crowds.


  1. I do like the one with the fresh water pearls. Best of luck with the flea market cheers Marie

  2. Thanks, I'm hoping if I sell enough I won't have to pick up a part time job this summer. *Wishful Thinking*