Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cleaning House

Since I am currently jobless, I am trying to be more proactive (hence my pretty new blog page and new banner on Etsy). I really need to make enough cash to pay my car insurance until my job as a tutor hopefully starts.
Unfortunately probably starting next week I will be temporarily internet-less and good camera-less. I have to find someone else to borrow a decent camera from or else it is back to dark and blurry for me. Alot of things are happening in my life right now, but I still have to make time for me and things that I need to do. This isn't just a hobby, it's my current occupation.
Next Saturday I am going to the flea market and I will sit there until I sell everything on my table, or until they close up for the day. I have been invited to dinner at my friend's house that evening, so I will either spend the whole evening elated or sulk through the meal. We'll see.
I hope going grassroots to sell my creations and prettying up my site will help. Or else it's strictly Ramen and bicycles this summer (not that I would mind bicycling everywhere, but I live miles from everything and there's only a narrow road winding between the mountain and the river to get anywhere- not safe).
Sorry about the whine.


  1. I like your new banner,it is a good idea to light a few candles on your stall if you are allowed,(some places have fire restrictions) even if they are small tea lights.This brings light to your stall,good colors are yellow and red, people are drawn to these colors,like maybe use cheap sheets for the table. You can also make cheap crepe paper decorations,in those colors,the idea is to draw people over to your stall. cheers Marie

  2. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to check on their policies. I found a lovely tapestry cloth I'm going to use for the table spread, I think it will give a nice old-timey feel.
    You're always helpful Marie!