Sunday, May 23, 2010

My First Flea Market Afternoon...

...made it painfully clear that flea markets, or at least that particular market is not the correct venue for me. I only made one sale in the three and a half hours I sat there. Everyone wanted to look at junky antiques and bootleg DVDs but not the items I painstakingly spent hours creating. It was very discouraging. The wind also ruined my displays and the rain earlier in the day kept most customers away but left plenty of puddles for my displays to be blown into.
The whole day would have felt like a waste, but fortunately I met a very nice young woman up from Colorado and her father, we had a nice chat and they were my only sale. I think the renaissance faire/celtic fest/craft fair circuit will yield better results. I did have the distinction of having the prettiest table at the market.
I finished a few more pieces this week that there will be pictures of soon.
I'll also likely list a few more things on Etsy.


  1. Some times something can come out of another. I remember once I had my work in a small shop and it used to get pulled to bits and rough handled,I persisted, but it was still getting messed up, I suddenly realized that I was not supposed to be displaying my work their, sometimes you just need to listen to your inner voice on what seems right for you, hopefully these other venues might be just the thing. cheers Marie

  2. Thanks. At least at other venues I probably won't meet a man who tells me that he is god. That was interesting.
    I'll just keep looking and keep creating from the materials I have until I can purchase more supplies.