Monday, May 10, 2010

Flea Market Attempt Thwarted

I was supposed to go down to the flea market this weekend, I had my displays designed, my tapestry throw ready for the table, all merchadise had price tags, etc. Then we started having extreme wind gusts. Large branches were falling out of trees, trash cans were rolling in the streets. My crafts are not hearty things made of lead and stone, but delicate pouches and light weight metals.
I had a terrible vision of myself chasing my products across the market like my cats on bath day. So, begrudgingly I'm waiting until next week. I just made a new necklace last night, I'll keep bulking up my inventory. There's another smaller local market I discovered this week as well, I may try that one too.
All the Celtic Festivals I've contacted have given me very discouraging figures for space rental. One was as high as $1,500 for one weekend. The best rate I found for such events is actually at the renaissance faire I used to work at, only $80 for the weekend. Depending on the dates of this year's festival I may try that.
Oh well. Looking toward next week.


  1. It is such a bummer when organizers make the stall hire so outrageous,They are just so greedy for money that they do not realize that they are missing out on your creative talents.I have some of my art at a local cafe, they take 25%, maybe you can find a cafe,galleries would want to much commission, but a cafe might be the thing. cheers Marie

  2. Hmm... maybe. There are a few coffee houses that display art work for sale around.
    I've never seen them 3D art? before, but what does asking hurt? I've been industriously circulating business cards lately.