Friday, March 4, 2011

Lifestyle Changes

I've been attempting to make some more eco-friendly and health conscious changes in my life.
As spring creeps up, I realize even more how much I appreciate nature. We should all do our utmost to make sure it doesn't disappear. Our existence is entirely hinged on the health of our planet, after all.
I've been having two vegetarian days per week, I've found it's actually not that hard to do. I'm also avoiding beef- I don't eat it that often, but I'm trying to keep it to an absolute minimum now. Americans eat so much more meat compared to the rest of the world. I've also been trying to buy organic when I can afford it and only getting coffee that's fair trade.
I've also been trying to avoid plastics, but recycle them when I do use them. The products from my shop (excepting my lip balms) are packaged in cloth, glass jars and metal tins- all reusable.
I've even started using eco-friendly feminine hygiene products. Yes, it sounds bizarre and unsanitary, but it is not that bad. Up until about eighty years ago all feminine hygiene products were reusable. By using wet bags for storage, it's actually very neat and organize. After using, I simply soak them in a vinegar/water solution and then toss them in the laundry.
Now that it's warmer I've started taking my waks again and have been eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. I've also been trying to break myself of the habit of eating at one in the morning-- hard when rehearsals and homework keep me up that late.
It's not much, but we can all be healthier and maybe even happier and more connected to nature with a few small changes at a time. It makes me feel good to know I'm doing something to help myself and the planet. It doesn't feel like I'm giving anything up either, just gaining.

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