Friday, March 25, 2011

Trends Emerging

I've noticed that certain kinds of scents are emerging as best-sellers in my shop. My number one best selling fragrance is Rifle Range, I've sold several soaps and colognes in that scent.
My more masculine scents seem to get more views, hearts, and sales than more traditionally feminine ones. Perhaps this is my niche? I've been working on more unisex scents that have those deep, complex qualities that my customers seem to enjoy. I just posted a soap called "Holmes" after my favorite literary sleuth- last week I posted a "Watson" which is a classic Bay Rum scent (but I've started wearing it, it's delicious).
I have made a few new feminine scents, however. Emma is a bright combination of Strawberry, Honeysuckle, and Orange. I made a Jane Eyre as well which has Ivy, Heather, Lavender, and Vetiver as the main notes.
I think that unique blends are what catch peoples' interest overall. Hopefully I can find a bigger market for my more lady-centric fragrances as well.

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