Friday, March 18, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I was just passed this award by the lovely Lucille Jean, she makes beautiful jewelry and accessories on her Etsy shop.

*Stylish Blogger Award rules*
Thank the person who awarded it to you
Post 7 facts about yourself
Pass the Award to other bloggers and let them know they were chosen
Seven Facts about me:
1. I have two adorable cats that I love cuddling with.
2. I'm in a production of Tennessee Williams one-acts this weekend.
3. In the summer, I can get a sunburn within 15 minutes on a bright day.
4. My town's population is under 200.
5. My best friend writes pirate novels and has published one.
6. I have written a manuscript for a murder mystery that I'm still editing, but hope to publish in the next couple years.
7. I have read I Capture the Castle about six times.

I will pass this on to:
One Sheepish Girl
Teal and Gold
Entwood Crafts
A Mountain Hearth

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