Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Weekend in Photographs

Coffee with my brother at a local all natural, fair trade coffee bar. They're attached to an organic, wholefood shop. Delicious local apples, orange ginger granola, free range chicken-- I love picking things up there.

Last night it starting raining, it's a beautiful kind of rainy day where all the colors of nature are extra saturated. It's been nearly sixty degrees with just a light breeze all day.

I bought new molds on Friday and made some "Watson" soap speckled with cinnamon. I refuse to use any artificial colors.

I did a little writing, but also made some "Green Muse" soap; absinthe fragrance and real wormwood go into the bars to give them a faint green tint (hard to see int he photo). My handwriting is terrible as you can clearly see.

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