Sunday, July 4, 2010

Amazing Music

I love having music on when I'm crafting and when I'm writing, so I'm always looking for new musicians to listen to. My brother told me to check out a group called Old Crow Medicine Show- I'm not a fan of most modern country music so I was skeptical, but I love these guys. They have a very old fashioned blues infused sound with a rock feel. They do some amazing covers and their original songs are also fantastic.
Here are a few of their songs on YouTube:
Wagon Wheel (Bob Dylan Cover with additional lyrics by Ketch)
Down Home Girl (Rolling Stones Cover)
Fall All On My Knees (live)
I Hear Them All
Crazy Eyes (live)

I finished my Rustic Country Maid Blouse listening to them.


  1. I will check them out, cheers Marie

  2. I hope you like them, they really made my day!