Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friends and Rivals

A friend of mine made a few pieces of jewelry and thought it was fun, so she decides to throw a big jewelry party to show everybody what she's made and sell it. She knows I've been making and selling (usually just trying to sell) jewelry as well as other things and have been toying with more ways to bring in interest. When she invites me to her party she doesn't even stop to consider that perhaps we could have had a joint party.
I know she was in no way trying to offend me and probably didn't even think about how I would feel. She was just following a whim, that's what she does. It just feels a little unfair that I've been hitting the pavement, sitting out in the heat at flea markets, setting up web stuff, sending out inquiries, even getting involved in organizing a crafts show so that I can sell my products. She throws a party and has now thoroughly saturated the market of our social circle and made it so I can't throw a craft party without looking like I'm stealing her beat. I don't know, I've always thought that when you're serious about actually starting up some sort of business it's better to build your clientele out of strangers than friends and family, once your friends buy their token purchase to make you happy, you don't have sustainable sales base. Still, I'm just a little irritated that now I don't even have the option, also irritated with myself that I wasn't talking my business up more before this, that I never made a bold move like she is.

This is how my brother described my current situation:

It's like Bill Gates is just starting out and a friend of his comes to
him as says, "Bill, I just had the greatest idea. I'm going to sell a
computer programming system that will link everything in your computer and make
it run smoothly. I think I'm going to call it 'Doors.'''

He likes to tease me, but sometimes it is good to unburden myself to him, so I called him and told him about it.

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  1. I think that you are on your own journey, as she is hers. You just do things your way,if you were meant to be part of her jewelery party you would have been. Have confidence in your own ability and know that your creations are original and special,and that your heart an soul has been put into them. This is seen by people who view your work,you are starting out,and building up a custom base, you have already started with the things that you said like, hitting the pavement etc. Keep up the good work, and do your own thing. cheers Marie