Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Livening Things Up

With the slowness of the online shopping world right now, I'm trying to liven things up. I've been browsing and shopping more and I've been adding more shops to my favorites. On the right of this page, I've just added an Etsy Mini to this page. I've also been trolling alchemy and have bid on a few requests.
My friend will be back next week so I can borrow her camera then. She's off doing some internship to gain credits for her masters degree. I've also made a new chainmaille and pearl necklace that is a bit more detailed and has more theatrical presence.
Hopefully when the vacations and heat of July fade, autumnal shopping will pick up. I've decided not to open a separate soap shop until mid autumn. I've been making potpourri sachets with some of my botanicals as well, it will be good to pack away seasonal clothes with or putting in drawers to keep stale winter air smells out. Cinnamon Apple is my favorite, but Lavender Mint is nice too. As home to essential oils I've been using rolled oats that are dried and mixed with the other ingredients.

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  1. WOW!!! Your Esty mini looks so cool,it such does brighten things up. cheers Marie