Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some New Projects

I just posted two new necklaces on my Etsy, but here are two others I made this last week:

For my recycled line I've made a few bottle cap necklaces from some organic iced tea I've been drinking. I love the quotes on the caps. I'ved overlaid the caps with wrapped wire pendants, the one above is a Lucille Ball quote and a pink heart pendant on hemp.

I made a billow bead and caged bead pendant necklace on a sleek black rubber cord. I made another billow bead necklace, but it didn't turn out as I'd hoped.
Even though I'm not a decorator at the bakery, I've been taught a few basics like writing on cakes so I can personalize finished cakes that people buy on the spot. Above is my first attempt at icing flowers on a piece of parchment. I think I just found a new possible career path.
Unfortunately, movement on my Etsy has been almost non-existent lately, my new listings are getting hardly any views and I haven't had a sale in a month and a half. Is this a slow period of the year in general or am I just not listing anything tempting?


  1. Great new necklaces, it is quiet on Etsy at the moment all my Etsy friends tell me that. Love the icing flowers, cheers Marie

  2. My Etsy has been quiet too. In fact, all of online has been quiet lately, it's lonely!