Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bath Teas

I'm working on a new line of bath products called "Bath Teas." They are comprised of dried herbs and spices along with dried tea leaves. I saw a vendor at a recent festival I visited selling something similar and it inspired me. The idea is to pour a few spoonfuls under hot bath water and let it turn your tub into a soothing, fragrant place where you can steep yourself.
I think it's fairly unique- not a soap or a salt, but will be equally healthful for skin and pleasing to the senses.
I'm making a few small batches so that I can debut the teas at the crafts fair I'm organizing in mid-October, we're still not 100% sure about the date yet, we have it narrowed down to two days. I'm working on advertising and finding vendors.
Tomorrow I have to go into town to the home and garden shop to buy some more terracotta pots for my indoor winter herb garden.


  1. WOW They sound really cool, and something different is always exciting, cheers Marie

  2. Thanks, I'm excited about using them myself! Nothing is nicer of a cold winter day than a hot soothing bath.