Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lush Winter Soap Fragrances

I have four soaps curing on my counter at the moment: a sand soap brittle (highly exfoliating for serious grime with a touch of tea tree), my creamy pumpkin soap, and two brand new scents. My new fragrance oils arrived yesterday as well as my Shea butter base to use for solid perfumes, I'm still awaiting my tins to contain the perfume unfortunately.
Still I made two scents that I originally intended to be a his and hers set, but now I'm not sure if the one is manly enough.
The hers scent is currently called "First Frost"- a combination of heady leather scents with some sweet vanilla and cool peppermint.
The his scent is, by the suggestion of my brother, currently called "Mukluk"- leather, spiced plum oil and ground cinnamon. The soap is colored a deep, rich brown from the cinnamon, I have a no artificial colors policy.
I have to get things together for a photo shoot this week. Someone convo'ed me and asked if my soaps could be used for facial cleansing. In good conscience I couldn't say yes, I've never tested them for facial use and know that glycerin isn't usually recommended for facial use. Oh well.

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