Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Soap Brittle

After making cute little "soap muffins" as I call them for a while, I've been experimenting with a new form, "soap brittle." Instead of filling individual little molds to create each bar, I've been making loave of soap (yes, I use an actual loaf pan to form it) and then cutting into slices once cooled.
My friend Faith (a fond user of my soap) suggested I call the creation a brittle, it refers to the homey, slightly imperfect nature of the shape and continues the "Almost Good Enough to Eat" theme I've been using.
My new Winterberry soap is the first of this new composition that I've listed, but I made another batch of soap last night. On the top of the bar I had poured dried oats, so one side is slightly exfoliating while the other is just a gentle, soothing side. The bar has eucalyptus oil in it which is great for clearing up sinuses as well as having an relaxing aromatherapy effect. It also has fresh aloe juice from my own plant for moisturizing properties.
In the near future I would like to move into lye soap and solid perfumes (hopefully by early next year). I love the creamy texture that a lye soap can have, but will still continue making some of my glycerin soaps, especially if I build up a customer base that will continue by their favorites. right now I'm stocking up for the Craft Fair in about a month.

Because I have run out of most of my fabric, I haven't started any new sewing projects, but I'm hoping that the season's demand for costume pieces will move some of my inventory out.


  1. Hearing you describe your soaps makes me want to go jump into a bath :) Your soap brittle sounds like a good idea!

  2. i once saw soap in a shop that they'd cut for you from a brick and then weighed it and charged by the oz,

    Like a soap deli! Made it nice for sampling. :)

  3. Thanks Memories!
    Artist, the soap deli sounds really cool- if ever (ten years down the road or so!) I get a shop of my own, I'll keep that in mind.