Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crafting as Stress Relief

I have a habit of feeling too much, thinking too much and keeping things that really bother me to myself. Unhealthy overall, but something I've been trying to keep in check by journaling and crafting. Having something to do with my hands is helpful, it makes me focus on something solid and achievable instead of over-analying. Being creative gives my brain something to solve other than the incalcuable meanings behind words and gestures from friends and strangers.
This semester I've really packed my schedule, some of it inadvertantly. I'm only working my off-campus job for maybe 18 hours a week, but I have some upper level classes that require alot of outside work, a campus job, several extracurriculars (some needed to keep scholarships), I'm involved in my bible study group, as well as trying to maintain personal relationships, and run my Etsy shops. I hate wondering when I'm going to have time to do laundry again next (since I have to use the laundromat).
There is so much I want to do and need to do, it's hard deciding what might have to go. In the end, though I love having money that doesn't all have to go on textbooks or gas for my car, it will probably be my off-campus job. I'm hoping the manager can work with me and let me come back for the holidays or the occasional weekend and then pick up a fuller schedule in the summer, it was hard to find a job in the first place, so I don't want to give it up. I also feel like I might let them down, they're a bit short-handed at the moment. I'm going to give my new schedule a few more weeks to see how I settle in before I talk to my manager- I just might be initially overwhelmed.
I wish my Etsy would take off a little more, then I wouldn't be so worried about the money. Today I went and stocked up on soap and jewelry making supplies since I still have an income. I made a Winterberry Soap Brittle (long strips of soap cut from a loaf) after work tonight. It has vanilla, juniper berries and a hint of cinnamon and ginger.
I did come home to a sale which cheered me up a bit, my bottle-cap necklace has been purchased. That makes my third sale on "CraftingBirds." I guess I'm technically not an undiscovered newbie anymore. I hope this leads to more discoveries very shortly.

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