Sunday, June 27, 2010

Celtic Fling

I made the trek to the Celtic Fling in Mount Hope yesterday, held on the grounds of one of the largest Renaissance Faires in the tri-state area. The faire season begins in August, but this weekend the site contained some of the best Celtic bands in the country. Unfortunately some groups that were there previous years such as Enter the Haggis and Coyote Run were not present, but my favorite group, Scythian was there.
Although there were many vendors with wonderful displays I mostly contented myself to looking and stealing ideas.... er finding sources of inspiration. I did buy some incense and some lavender flowers which I put to good use.
On the way home my party and I stopped to get some dinner and use the bathroom before our long ride home. At the restaurant I met a very nice couple that happen to be vendors that were working the faire. They own La Wren's Nest and we had a very nice chat. They gave me some tent advise (hopefully in a year or two I'll be able to invest) and invited me to come check theirs out at an event this fall that they'll be at and I'll likely be attending.
I did see some jewelry and apparel at the festival that I found unique or attractive and might like to emulate in certain ways.
Currently I'm making new soaps, most recently Espresso and Lavender Milk, and remolding some of the brittle bars I made last week. I'm also sewing a Rustic Country Maid Blouse made from the same fabric and in the same style as the chemise. Obviously it will be shorter and I'm using different ribbon for the ties. Updates and pictures of those as well as new necklaces later.

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  1. Always a great idea to check a fair out before hand, and get ideas, cheers Marie