Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Projects

Unfortunately I haven't had time to finish my new blouse yet, "real" jobs you know. Next though, I'd like to make a gypsy skirt. I've decided I'd like to focus more on bigger items for a while since I already have a fairly good stock of accessories. Bigger items seem more likely to bring people in and then they might stay and buy accessories as well.
For selling live I have to make a sort of collapsable costume rack to display apparal and such. My father is always eager to make things so we have a daddy-daughter trip to the hardware store in our future as he has put himself in charge of my displaying needs. It's very sweet.

I am still decent camera-less at this point, so here is the best photo I could take of my new necklaces. Very depressing, I know. Jewelry is very hard to photograph I've found. Harder to light and hang attractively.
I've been trying to use up the store of beads I've accumulated and I found some lovely metal pieces to use as the main pendant. I think these may appeal to young women and also those that likes something more colorful and feminine than many of my usual styles with chain maille and such.

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  1. Lovely to have your Father to help you, cheers Marie