Friday, June 4, 2010

Sale on Etsy and Other News

This evening I sat down after dinner to check my email and found that I have sold my Rustic Country Maid Chemise! The buyer was so prompt in fact, that I've already recieved the payment, so I must send out the garment first thing tomorrow.
It has been, by far, my most popular item, having recieved more views in its short time on my site than any other item I've created. I enjoyed making it as well, it fits into the style of things I'd like to make and sell at the Ren Faire. I think I need to make more of this sort of item. I was very excited to see I had a sale. It was my most expensive item as well, so now I can buy more supplies.
I made two new soaps this week as well, Orange Grove and Citrus Mint. I had to mutilate several oranges for the ingredients of those.
I am also in consideration for the "Etsy Blogger" team, so I was told I would hear soon. That could be a fun project for me this summer.


  1. How wonderful, it is always exciting to have a sale, cheers Marie

  2. Thanks, I'm so glad to have made another sale, I was worrying a bit.