Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Friend Amy Dragged Me Back to the Flea Market

She had never been there and asked me to go halves on a table with her today. I was reluctant after my disappointment last time, but went along with her and brought my new display board to try out (it is constructed of a cork bulletin board, part of a slat from an old futon, a hinge, some heavy brass chain, and some paint). The board worked much better than laying things out on the table and I was able to display most of the jewelry I have in stock on it. I also brought a bit of soap and some of my pouches.
The weather was hot and sunny so there were many people there. I also got sunburned on my face, forearms, shoulder, and collar bone, but not as badly as Amy was burned. The better weather actually spurred me to moderate success today. I sold three necklaces, making much more than at my last afternoon at the market. The bags and soap were fondled and smelled, but not sold today.
Poor Amy on the other hand, faint from hunger and sun exposure did not sell anything. She and her husband make leather "Holsterettes". Much like a holster used to carry weapons, her holsterettes mount on the wall and can be used to hold appliances such as hair dryers. Very cleverly, it clears out cabinet space and looks pretty sassy. They can even make them to actually hang on a belt for hairdressers that would like to keep them on hand while working. It was a case of great product, wrong venue. I believe we will both make out much better at the craft show I'm helping to organize this fall.
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  1. So pleased you had a few sales,a hot day. cheers Marie