Thursday, June 10, 2010

Upcoming Ensemble and Shoulder Bags

I have finished the skirt portion of this new sewing project, it's a simple floor length black satin skirt with a white ribbon drawstring. Right now I am working on the bodice of the outfit. It's also made of lightweight black satin with peplums of the bottom and if I find my grommet maker, it will be lace front. If not I may turn it into a vest and make it button front. That will make it a bit more steampunk in style.
It has a decorative panel along the front and accents on the shoulders as well as peplums. it will be unboned for comfort on hot days or for those ladies that simply cannot stand constraint. Now I just need to think of a clever name for it all...
It should be finished by Monday and I will have two models wearing it for me (not at once). Then I will be posting it on Etsy.
I also made two new bags in the last week. One and Upcycle tote that is very fun and funky, probably the brightest colors and patterns I've ever worked with, and one based off a picture of a reproduction from the Revolutionary War Era, so I'm going to call it the "Molly Pitcher Bag." The body is made from a light toile print cotton and the flap closes with an antique bone button, the strap made of muslin can be worn across the body, or tied up for a single shoulder carry. Pictures of these are forthcoming.

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  1. WOW they all sound cool, especially the ensemble. cheers Marie